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Dr Jagannath Sahoo

Director IQAC, Accreditation,Formulation Development, Nano ... View Profile


Dean Synthesis, Characterization and Biological Evaluat... View Profile

Dr Bhavna Kumar

Associate Professor Nanomedicine and nano drug delivery system... View Profile

Dr Manmohan Singhal

Associate Professor Teaching and research... View Profile

Dr Mandeep Kumar Arora

Associate Professor Vascular Pharmacology and toxicology... View Profile

Dr Sabya Sachi Das

Assistant Professor (Grade-III) Targeted Nanomedicines: Lipid/Polymer/Biogenic Met... View Profile


Assistant Professor (Grade-III) Renal diseases, AKI, CKD and Diabetic mellitus ... View Profile

Dr Kumud Joshi

Assistant Professor (Grade-III) I am assistant Professor with a zeal to area of re... View Profile

Dr Dhirodatta Senapati

Assistant Professor I am highly interested for the unique strategy to ... View Profile

Dr Uddipak Rai

Assistant Professor Diabetic and Molecular Pharmacology... View Profile

Dr Rajeev Kumar Sharma

Assistant Professor Expert in handling various instruments like IR, iD... View Profile

Mr Rahul Tiwari

Assistant Professor Drug Delivery... View Profile

Dr Amit Kumar Keshari

Assistant Professor Synthetic and Medicinal Chemistry; Molecular Model... View Profile

Mr Amit Kumar Dubey

Assistant Professor Research scholar at ICMR and NIPER, Expertise in M... View Profile

Dr Shashank Shekher Mishra

Assistant Professor Application of In-silico models for pharmacokineti... View Profile

Dr Santosh Kumar Rath

Assistant Professor Natural Product Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry and... View Profile

Mr Vijay Singh Rana

Assistant Professor Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry: Herbal Drug Tech... View Profile

Dr Ashok Behera

Assistant Professor Peptidomimetics or Peptide conjugates as therapeut... View Profile

Dr Vaibhav Walia

Assistant Professor Pharmacy... View Profile

Dr Lakhveer Singh

Assistant Professor Pharmacology, Immunology, Pathology,... View Profile

Dr Md Habban Akhter

Assistant Professor Dr Akhter has graduated and mastered in in Pharmac... View Profile

Dr Arvind Negi

Assistant Professor Medicinal Chemistry... View Profile

Dr Neeraj Kumar Sethiya

Assistant Professor Dr Neeraj Kumar Sethiya had joined Faculty of Phar... View Profile

Ms Ritu Tomar

Lecturer Standardization of crude drugs... View Profile

Mr Pankaj Pant

Lecturer Pharmacology, Pharmacovigilance and Pre-clinical r... View Profile

Prof Havagiray Chitme

Head Havagiray R Chitme currently works at DIT Universi... View Profile