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Dr Rakesh Mohan

Dean Special Functions, Complex Analysis, Differential ... View Profile

Prof Rajamohan Reddy Poondra

Professor Medicinal Chemistry... View Profile

Dr Naveen Singhal

Professor Materials... View Profile

Prof Manoj Bhatnagar

Professor Condensed matter Physics, Material Science... View Profile

Dr Surbhi Sachdev

Professor Material Science... View Profile

Dr Himani Pant

Assistant Professor (Grade-III) Reliability Theory... View Profile

Dr Samta Manori

Assistant Professor (Grade-III) My research interests include magnetic nanoparticl... View Profile

Dr Nisha Gupta

Assistant Professor (Grade-III) Molecular Dynamics Simulation, Statistical Mechani... View Profile

Dr Natasha Awasthi

Assistant Professor (Grade-III) I am a theoretical Physicist , currently working i... View Profile

Dr Sonam Mahajan Mishra

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Applied Physics... View Profile

Dr Jabrinder Singh

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade Environmental Science & Engg.... View Profile

Dr Pooja Swaroop Saxena

Assistant Professor Differential Geometry... View Profile

Dr Ankita Khanna

Assistant Professor I am an experienced biochemist with expertise in G... View Profile

Dr Vishakha Kaushik

Assistant Professor Materials Science... View Profile

Dr Manas Ranjan Dash

Assistant Professor My research interest areas are gas phase kinetics,... View Profile

Dr Surjeet Chahal

Assistant Professor Research interests: Nano/microstructured metal oxi... View Profile

Dr Ravi Shukla

Assistant Professor Dr Ravi Kumar Shukla joined Department of Physics,... View Profile

Dr Biplab Dhar

Assistant Professor Bio-Mathematics, Mathematical Modeling: Determinis... View Profile

Dr Ashish Sharma

Assistant Professor Gravitational Waves, Astrophysical and Cosmologica... View Profile

Dr Vinod Gupta

Assistant Professor Fluid Dynamics, Heat and Mass transports... View Profile

Dr Nitin K Kamboj

Assistant Professor Demography, Bio-Statistics, Statistical Data Analy... View Profile

Dr Parveen Kumar

Assistant Professor Electroceramics:Ferroelectrics, Ferrites... View Profile

Dr Fateh Singh

Assistant Professor My research interests center upon mathematical mod... View Profile

Ms Seema Yadav

Assistant Professor Distributed System, Numerical Analysis... View Profile

Dr Shilpi Singhal

Assistant Professor Cosmology... View Profile

Dr Sandeep Sharma

Assistant Professor I am working in the field of Mathematical modeling... View Profile

Dr Manisha Duseja

Head Natural Product Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry... View Profile